Welcome to SoCal Aerospace Group where the goal is to help Aerospace & Defense companies grow by helping them with their Business Development, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations  and Strategy efforts.

    We know what it is like to work hard year after year and achieve minimal growth... that is why we founded our group, to help the Small and Medium sized A&D manufacturers. 

    The big boys in reality, don't always need help... partly because of the leverage that multiple sites can bring to the table. But if you are a single site company, and are not growing the way you would like, ask yourself why?

Is it because your costs are too high, you can't provide the products and services your customers need, the delivery dates they demand or is it something else you can't put your finger on? 

   Regardless of which it is, you need an outside entity to see what you can't see so that we can methodically improve upon all these issues and show you how to thrive!

SoCal Aerospace Group brings a Local Focus and Global Reach.  How can we help you?...


We will provide our extensive Aerospace & Defense Management Wisdom, global contacts and our high ethical standards to help you grow your company beyond your expectations.


"For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors"... 

  • Business Development

  • Bid and Proposal

  • Business Plans

  • Contracts

  • Core Competence Identification

  • Corporate Development

  • Cost Estimating Improvement

  • CRM Implementation

  • Customer Surveys

  • Financial Analysis

  • Global Representation

  • Lean Implementation

  • Marketing

  • Metrics Development

  • Negotiations

  • Operations

  • Prepare company for sale

  • Program Management

  • Sales & Forecasting

  • ​Strategic Planning


  • Theory of Constraints

  • Trade Show Representation

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • More services coming...