We will work with your team to understand your culture, your needs, your challenges, your competitors and then provide an outside view of our findings in order to improve operations and increase Sales.

But increased revenues is the fruit of a long process, which must be carefully analyzed to understand the strengths and weaknesses so that the proper plan can be put in place.

Identifying the root of challenges is just the beginning... 
We will help you be more effective and provide Sales guidance to easily exceed forecasts ... while being more profitable!

 Welcome to SoCal Aerospace Group where you will find our modular services affordable and specific to your Aerospace needs.

   We are seasoned leaders who have worked in Aerospace all our careers in a variety of roles in small privately held companies to large public companies.

   We will match your skills need with one of our domain experts. So that engineers can talk to engineers, accountants can talk to our CFOs, sales to sales Rain Makers and operations to lean manufacturing experts.  This focus allows us to better understand your issues and provide a more comprehensive solution which will leave long lasting results. 

   We understand what it takes to have constraints and high expectations. We can help you fine tune your company with time-proven business tools; our goal being of dramatically growing revenues by customizing our services based on your situation. 

   We will recommend the services which are required to get you to the next level, whether it be building and grooming a sales team, evaluating needed product improvements, planning and exceeding your forecast, managing the sales team, program management, negotiating a multi-million $ contract on your behalf, developing new markets, providing global representation at key OEM locations, reducing cost by implementing Lean, assessing and improving your cost estimating abilities or finding a buyer for your company when you are ready to cash out. 

   We have the experience to lead and the resources to help you reach breakthrough performance. 

Al Devile, - Founder 

   Mr. Devile, has ~30 years of Aerospace and Defense (Commercial, Military and Space) experience working for Boeing/Douglas Aircraft and various Global Component Manufacturers, for production and aftermarket. He managed Engineering, Estimating, Production Control, Program Management, Sales, Marketing and Operations at Director level and above in private and public companies with revenues approaching $100M. His Aerospace products experience includes Aircraft Fasteners, Hydraulic Tube Fittings, Hoses, Life Support, Interiors products and Satellite Propulsion System Components, besides non-IP products such as rubber, metal and plastic built to print components.

   He is multi-lingual, earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from CSUN, MBA from Pepperdine, PMP from PMI, has received Karrass Negotiations training, Miller Heiman Sales Training, has published 15 SAE Aerospace Standards and has received several awards along the way.

He is a former member of: Los Angeles Mayor's (Eric Garcetti) Global Export and Investment Council, was AMP SoCal Executive Committee and Aerospace & Defense Forum (OC) Steering committee. Mr. Devile is also the founder of the SoCal Aerospace Expo held yearly in the Los Angeles or Long Beach Convention Centers.

   He is also Group Owner of LinkedIn's Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer's Representatives and recently appointed Vice-Chair for CA Chapter of Aerospace States Association.