Below you will find some influential organizations which we are very involved with and support. While we were asked to join some with very limited membership for the good of the industry, others we support because it's the right thing to do for an industry which we love.

In either case, we are humbled at being considered a member of all of these fine organizations.

Aerospace States Association
California Chapter


This is the California Chapter of ASA, where Government meets Education and Industry. As the local chapter Vice-Chair we run the meetings and work with California legislators, primarily the Lt. Governor, Assembly members and Senators to support Bills that enhance and improve California's Aerospace competitiveness. We are currently working with Assembly Member Muratsuchi on AB245, the formation of an Aerospace Commission. We lead the meetings in Aerospace and Aviation Days at the Capitol and hold monthly phone meetings with members to discuss the status of bills and how we can support them.

Los Angeles Mayor's
Global Trade and  
Investment Council



This Council of 11 executives was formed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to help Los Angeles and its vicinity to dramatically grow exports and foreign investment. As one of two member executives involved in Aerospace, we are currently identifying A&D companies who can benefit from what the city has to offer and second make available those resources while trying to understand their challenges and additionally develop a strategy which will help companies become more successful.  One such direction is exposure to foreign markets via attendance to key tradeshows which will provide new customers to LA businesses. 

South Bay Aerospace Alliance



The primary mission of the Alliance is to promote the interests of the local aerospace industry through its broad base of community members who value the presence of the LAAFB to the South Bay region at all levels of government, by local community businesses, including those aerospace and defense contractors who have had decades of experience working on critical space and defense programs that have created the region’s reputation for being home for the industry.

Aerospace & Defense






The Aerospace and Defense Forum has chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Torrance, Phoenix, Dallas and Orange Country, in which Mr. Devile is part of the Steering Committee.

The forum provides a place for C-level management executives to network, discuss topics of mutual interest that do not belong in Sales or Manufacturing meetings as well as have tours of facilities such as C-17 production line, Edwards AFB, Northrop, etc.