Case Studies...

Below you will find some examples of our accomplishments which were performed in our work:  The names of companies and customers were ommitted for confidentiality reasons.  Needless to say, we have many others...



Came in to negotiate a deal midstream of 7 items, totalling about $5M. The Sales Mgr. had negotiated the first of seven items and gave up $65K in price concessions (nearly 10%).  We finished the other 6 items giving up a combined $20K in price concessions for the balance of $4.3M. Estimated savings >$400K



With two weeks to go in the quarter, a company was down in profits due to operational issues so they needed a home run. We sold all their inventory (~$1M of fully written off inventory = 100% profit) at good margins by proactively reaching out to a new distributor.  Nice home run for unexpected profit of $1M.

Customer Survey


In an effort to understand buying behavior, we implemented a thorough survey asking product, service, and needs questions among many others, and received an exceptional >30% return. This in turn allowed us to tweak our offerings and increase sales.

Program Mgmt


Stepped in to manage a large System program of capital equipment for an overseas client. Was able to deliver it ontime inspite of numerous scope changes.  Naturally the customer was happy to pay for all changes, including upselling worth $250K.



Needed to increase the MTBF of engine valves or potentially loose contract. We worked with Army, GE, Navy and Sikorsky to validate MTBF numbers. Once we understood data and processes, we were able to prove that MTBF data was incorrect and it was substantially higher than numbers showed thus earning future business worth several million.



Participated in numerous tradeshows both for Commercial, Military and MRO and was a speaker for SAFE and C130 conferences. This allowed for great product exposure and many applications being implemented in various programs, including Air Force Tanker KC46 worth several million.  

Sales Engineering

Developed numerous products which have been flying on both commercial and military aircraft by recognizing the need for product enhancements and being the first to market of the same.

Global Representation


We developed several worldwide rep agreements which worked well with each other so as to build a cohesive framework of field sales so that the whole is greater then the sum of its parts.

Turn Around Situation #1

We were called in to help a mid-sized company with 120,000 square foot facility after the CEO was removed by shareholders. Quickly implemented a thorough clean up of facility and raw materials, organized inventory, implemented MRP including full bar code reading at every operation, provided training, entered good inventory into MRP and discarded the obsolete. Implemented a plan to be AS9100 certified "with Design" to begin road to owning intelectual property by starting an Engineeering department and begun upgrading and training the staff.

Then proceeded to assess the customer base to determine who were ideal customers so as to target the sales efforts into specific areas of growth and minimize sales expense. Developed tradeshow booth and begun displaying at strategic shows.

Financial and operational metrics were also implemented in order to stop the bleeding and begun road back to health.


Turn Around Situation #2

We were hired to bring a company out of bankruptcy. Private Equity believed they bought a diamond in the rough with past 3 years worth of Boeing Gold Plaques. Once we looked at it, we found the company had been in the Red for six months prior to our arrival and "didn't know it". To make matters worse, they had bid on products they never made and could not ship thus it impeded the ability to improve the rating until it was shipped and because of that we could not receive new orders. We immediately implemented a detail Customer Ratings  program to see where we stood with everyone. We found a way to build and eventually ship the orders to begin the road to recovery. We also began MRP training and again implemented a thorough clean up of facility, starting with old stock which should have been discarded long ago and inventoried the good stuff with locations into MRP.  

Additionally, this facility required a complete Financial make over to organize the non-existent accounting department. When we were done, we had started shipping products, which started AR and by reducing the overall costs, the company was well on it's way to recovery.