All companies go thru ups and downs and Aerospace and Defense is filled with cycles. We have experience in changing the product mix to fortify the valleys and/or expanding into commercial, military and/or space, as the case may be.


If you are struggling to grow sales or need to improve operations, let us help you blow past your goals and set new ones that challenge your team and leave a long lasting legacy while obtaining full team buy in. 


Our typical customers usually fall into one of four categories:


1- Small to medium sized privately held Aerospace or Defense companies ranging up to $100M in revenues who are either growing slowly or declining in revenues and need a fresh new approach to growth.  Usually these companies don't have the experience of working for public companies and need help in revising their sales activities and strategies.


2- Private Equity firms and Public Holding companies who are needing Aerospace industry experts to help companies in their portfolio reach their goals, without resorting to making drastic management changes.  We can work with management to prepare for and/or run quarterly reviews, manage the sales force, upgrade or mentor the team and other strategic tasks.


3- Small to Medium sized privately held Aerospace or Defense companies who would like to cash out and need to prepare their Sales Plan and Forecast (among other things) so that it looks appealing to prospective buyers. We can also find strategic or financial buyers as the case best applies.

4- Lending institutions who would like an insider's viewpoint on risk based on our Performance Assessment. 

1- Our usual compensation is an hourly rate based on the scope of the project and the Consultant required. Longer projects can expect slightly lower rates, while short projects have their standard rate. 


2- Most projects of finite scope have a fixed rate, but if the scope changes, then hourly rates will apply.


3- For companies who would like us to manage the team, we are open to making other affordable arrangements which can be addressed on a case by case basis. We can manage reviews (2-4 days per month or more) in order to keep the goals attainable.


4- There are other cases where financing is an issue and at our discretion, we might consider other means such as taking an equity position when we meet expected results.

5- All travel is billed at the cost incurred, plus days worked.