While Aerospace and Defense companies must ideally be certified to AS9100 in order to be able to be considered by and earn business from customers, AS9100 certification does NOT focus on making sure the manufacturer is profitable. In fact OEM audits try to make sure the manufacturer is able to perform for the benefit of their customer. Thus our tools below are to be considered in addition to those certifications already existing.

1- In order to help companies improve, we developed an Industry first Performance Assessment Report Card TM which after reviewing 500+ questions and answers across the company, gives a fairly accurate rating of each department and activity.  The 30+ page report that goes with it, allows Private Equity and owners to clearly understand the Strengths and Weaknesses of the enterprise.  This then is followed up with specific recommendations and rating can be monitored as often as requested.  Please see sample report card below...


2- Additionally, our Proprietary TOP 100+ Action Items LIST is a great place to complement the assessment... this will allow us to get  a head start on improving the bottom line.


2- Then we can implement the Financial Ratios Tool to analyze from a financial perspective how your company compares to others in industry and establish a financial baseline so as to compare it against itself after recommendations are implemented.  


As with any of our improvement tools, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself what specific items needs your attention so that as we work with you, you will have the ability to decide what comes first, what extent you wish to dive into details and while we will suggest various improvement paths, you will ultimately have the last say in which way and how far you wish to improve the processes.

We will discuss it with you during our visit... but you must first make the call so we can get started...